Tips for Tattooed Skin Care in the Summer

The summer can be an exciting time to attempt something "new," and for many tattoo enthusiasts, that something "new" is choosing to get a tattoo representing another aspect of their imagination. While fresh tattoos may be dazzling to the eye, you risk quickly destroying their aesthetic appeal if you step outside too soon in the heat. Protecting newly inked tattoos from sun damage is crucial, so they don't fade, burn, or leave an unsightly scar on your skin forever. To assist you in safeguarding your new tattoo from the summertime sun, we've provided some helpful sun safety advice below. But let's talk first.

How is Skin Damaged by the Sun?

Whether or whether your skin has tattoos, the UV rays from the sun can still cause damage to it. However, the harm is multiplied threefold if you just received a new tattoo. Fresh tattoos are open sores that, if exposed to the sun for an extended period, will prevent the surrounding skin from healing correctly and cause it to peel, split, and blister. Additionally, excessive sun exposure makes it possible for UV rays to get through wounds and damage the skin's ink pigment. This will eventually cause the tattoo to fade and leave scars. What you can do to stop this from happening is as follows:

Maintain Coverage

Covering yourself and avoiding any exposure to sunlight is the best thing you can do to protect a tattoo that is still healing and still relatively new. Your skin is susceptible after getting freshly tattooed, making the sun your deadliest adversary. However, this does not preclude you from going outside and taking in the summer. Instead, you will need to wear long sleeves or a thin item of clothing to cover your skin when you go outside. You'll be able to escape direct sunlight by doing this altogether.

Put on sunscreen

Another excellent option for shielding your fresh tattoo from sunlight is sunscreen. Applying sunscreen will help stop the blotchiness and wrinkles on your skin, as well as severe skin issues like photoaging and skin cancer. When shielding your tattooed skin from the sun, wearing any sunscreen is preferable to not wearing any. Our most knowledgeable painters advise wearing sunscreen with natural components with an SPF of at least 30–50 and block 97% of the sun's UVB rays or a broad-spectrum sunscreen that can shield against both UVA and UVB radiation. Please make sure the tattoo has healed before applying sunscreen to it; if it hasn't, let it heal first before using a bandage or loose cloth on it.

Hydrate your skin from the inside out.

After getting a new tattoo this summer, your top priorities should be moisturising it and consuming lots of water. In warmer weather, staying hydrated is crucial, especially when cleaning and detoxifying your body and skin. Along with other tattoo aftercare techniques, drinking enough water will help hydrate and heal your skin from the inside out. Similarly, applying an external, light, and odourless moisturiser or body lotion may keep your tattoo from being too dry. The skin around the tattoo starts to peel off when it becomes too dry. Ensure you always carry a moisturiser with you to avoid this.

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