Things to do not do following a new tattoo

For tattoo enthusiasts, getting a new tattoo is undoubtedly an exciting time. Getting a new tattoo is like a new beginning, regardless of how often you have had your skin inked or if this is your first time. Every new tattoo you get is a one-of-a-kind work of art that will be with you always. Many people invest the necessary time in finding a trustworthy tattoo artist and learning the precautions they must take before their initial session. Unfortunately, relatively few people exercise the same caution and take the appropriate actions after getting a tattoo. I can tell you that after getting a new tattoo, you should refrain from doing the following things:

Removing the bandage too soon

Most clients remove the bandage covering their skin too quickly to flaunt their newly tattooed skin to their loved ones. They are so enthralled that they even lose sight of the open wound on their bodies, making them more and more vulnerable to infection. Good tattoo artists carefully bandage the inked part of the skin and recommend to their clients that they leave the bandage on for at least two hours. Because of this, extreme caution must be used when getting a brand-new tattoo, and one must avoid removing the application too soon.

re-wrapping the skin with tattoos

Some people believe their skin hasn't fully healed even after removing the bandage at the appropriate period, so they reapply it to the tattooed skin. After removing the wrapper, keep it off your tattooed surface and don't put it back. It's time to let the tattoo breathe after the wrapping has been removed so that the healing process can begin. Re-wrapping the area will cause moisture to be trapped, fostering bacterial growth and ultimately resulting in skin infection. Because of this, tattoo artists always suggest to their clients to wait for the tattoo to cure completely before removing the bandage.

Using Too Many Aftercare Products

Pay close attention to the amount of the product you use throughout an average day, whether you're using trustworthy ointments or commercially produced aftercare solutions. Vaseline or lotion applied in excess can suffocate a tattoo, which encourages bacterial growth on the tattooed area of your body. Apply the product to the tattooed area twice daily for three to five days to prevent skin infection. Make careful only to apply the aftercare gel on dry skin.

Overexposure to direct sunlight

An area of skin with tattoos should never be exposed to direct sunlight. Whether the tattoo is new or old, you must take steps to avoid direct sunlight exposure because it can cause severe tattoo damage, such as fading and bleaching. It may even blister if you expose your new tattoo to the sun for an extended period. Because of this, remember to use sunscreen to prevent tattoo fading.

Other Crucial Things To Avoid

Along with the previously mentioned things, the following are some more crucial things you should steer clear of doing to your brand-new tattoo:
  • Avoid using sponges on tattooed skin when washing and taking a shower.
  • Avoid harshly massaging the tattooed skin to dry it off after a storm.
  • For at least three to four weeks, refrain from swimming.
  • To prevent moisture buildup, avoid doing vigorous exercise.
  • For at least a month, refrain from shaving the tattooed body part.
  • For a few weeks, avoid using scented soaps and instead use antibacterial soaps.
  • For the first two weeks, avoid wearing ultra-tight clothing like slim jeans.

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