Tattoo Design

When you decide to get a tattoo, you might wonder what design to go with. This blog discusses some of the most well-known tattoo designs from the past and current tattoo trends.

Traditional body art

Traditional tattoos are the right choice if you value tradition over modernism. Old-school tattoos of this style have solid lines and vivid colours that give your ink a vibrant and assertive appearance. A traditional tattoo gives your personality a seasoned, grown-up, and elegant appearance.

Realistic body art

Reality-based tattoos are the second category. Realistic tattoos are another name for these designs. A real tattoo would be ideal for you if you dislike fantasy and prefer to have something actual depicted on your body. It can be a grayscale or black and white drawing of someone from your life. Thanks to these designs, you can get a tattoo that is an exact replica of someone's portrait. Until recently, this was not possible, but because of improved ink and tattoo equipment, your neighbourhood tattoo parlours can now create precise copies of images of your loved ones.

Tattoos with watercolours

Wearing a watercolour tattoo on your body will bring back fond memories of painting as a child. Watercolour tattoos resemble watercolour paintings in appearance. It is one of the most well-known tattooing techniques among younger tattoo specialists. It's a novel and contemporary design that has given the tattoo industry a more youthful variation. These tattoos are not distracting to the eyes and are highly captivating.

Tribal body art

By choosing tribal tattoos, you can demonstrate to others that you are a member of a particular tribe or organisation. The signs and symbols associated with your tribe form the basis for tribal tattoos. You can share it with others as a component of your identity while demonstrating your kinship and affinity with your tribe. You become distinctive from other people and develop your own identity.

Contemporary tattoos

A new style of tattoo called a "new school tattoo" has emerged in a tattoo design. You can always choose a new school tattoo design if you like to continue with traditional styles. This bizarre, cartoonish aesthetic is built on caricatures and made-up characters that don't exist.

tattoos in the new tradition

The tattoo industry has evolved throughout time as well. When neo-traditional tattoos became the new hot topic, traditional styles transformed. Because tattoo artists had more options to pick from and opportunities to try out fresh adapted patterns and methods, tattoos have remained popular for a long time.

tattoos with blackwork

is a tattoo trend that uses just black ink for all of its designs. It's a highly diverse category of tattoos, so you can have any design created in black colour. There are no restrictions on design or topics.

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